About Us

mnm.news is the Malayalam language news website of Malayalam News Media, a consortium of journalists with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Malayalam journalism. mnm.news is a news website of Malayalam news media, registered with the Ministry of MSME.

(The Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise has filed the udyog aadhar memorandum dated 23rd November 2018 , No.592603768026. OUR RENEWED Udyam Registration Number is UDYAM-KL-06-0005501)

  • We are with the taste of the readers in Kerala .
  • We aim to find the truth in the news.
  • We play a key role in the reader’s perspective and empowerment.
  • We have no politics. We have no caste or color interests.
  • We publish news tailored to readers’ tastes and interests, including national, international, social, education, business, health, science, technology, sports, lifestyle, crime and entertainment.
  • We follow the existing IT laws in the country.
  • Through this digital media,We are trying to fulfill its duty to the people with a value-based journalistic style.
  • Vegetation at Finger tip became news, Became a patriotic popular voice.


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